Pastoral Reflections

Sermon #3: Connecting Sowing and Reaping.

The third sermon in the sermon series of “”Making Spiritual Connections” is: “Connecting Sowing and Reaping!”It appropriately follows “Connecting Choices and Consequences” because we do reap what we sow. And sowing relates to the choices that we make in our life on a daily basics.  One can only sow in one of two places: to… Read More »

Sermon #1: Making Spiritual Connections

Yesterday, June 23, 2019, I began an eight week sermon series titled, “Making Spiritual Connections.” In my first sermon, the main emphasis was getting us to understand cause and effect. The spiritual realm controls the physical realm; therefore, we must stop looking at the physical symptoms and learn to get to the root of the… Read More »

Making Spiritual Connections Series

Beginning June 23, 2019 I will be preaching an eight sermon series on “Making Spiritual Connections.” This series is designed to assist the believer in making connection between what is happening in the physical world and the spiritual connection behind it. Everything that is manifest in the physical has a spiritual cause.   The series… Read More »