Making Spiritual Connections Series

Making Spiritual Connections Series

Beginning June 23, 2019 I will be preaching an eight sermon series on “Making Spiritual Connections.” This series is designed to assist the believer in making connection between what is happening in the physical world and the spiritual connection behind it. Everything that is manifest in the physical has a spiritual cause.


The series will consist of:


  1. June 23 – Making Spiritual Connections.
  2. June 30 – Connecting Choices and Consequences.
  3. July 7 – Connecting Sowing and Reaping.
  4. July 14 – Connecting Religion and Relationship.
  5. July 21 – Connecting Repentance and Restoration.
  6. July 28 – Connecting Prayer and God’s Purpose.
  7. August 4 – Connecting Vertical and Horizontal.
  8. August 11 – Connecting Faith and Works.


This is a series that you do not want to miss. It will bless you and if you apply these teachings to your life you will be able to become an ‘Overcomer.”

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