Sermon #2: Connecting Choices and Consequences

Sermon #2: Connecting Choices and Consequences

The second sermon in the eight sermon series on Making Spiritual Connections is: Connecting Choices and Consequences. God told us that He set before us the choice of life or death, and He left the decision up to us. Now, He encouraged us to choose life; nevertheless, He left the choice up to us. If we choose life we will receive blessings, but if we choose death, we will receive cursing. It is important for us to understand that God does not curse us; our choices in life move us under the curse. God is in the blessing business and He want to bless you. In fact He has already prepared blessings that are waiting on you. However we must choose life.

The interesting question then should be, “How do I choose life?” Great question, and I am glad that you asked. We choose life when we choose to love and obey God. Because obedience is your expression of love for God. God says, “If you love me then obey my commandments.” So then obedience our of a love relationship with God, is choosing life. And when we choose life, God says that His blessings will come upon you and over take you. Now that is a blessing!

You are invited to join us next Sunday when we continue this series, preaching on the subject: “Connecting Sowing and Reaping!”

Pastor Edward L. Wagner


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